Restoration, repair and commissioning of silver items.

Restoration, repair and commissioning of silver items.

We are happy to respond to email enquiries provided that they are accompanied by a jpeg photograph. For this service please email

We cannot provide a fixed quote until our silversmith has physically examined the item(s) to be repaired.

VAT is payable on all repairs, and our service charge for each job is a minimum of £10.00 plus VAT

Our main silversmiths are Perry Glossop and Co, run by Peter Perry and his son Chris. Peter learned his trade at James Dixon and Sons, one of Sheffield’s greatest and the manufacturer of the early Christopher Dresser designs. There is very little that Peter and Chris can’t do to revive teapots, trays, salvers salt cellars etc. We have also taken on commissions from all over the country and abroad. If you have items for restoration/repair or want something made, email

Profile: Christopher Perry, Silversmith

Chris Perry definitely has metalworking in his blood. Dad Peter set up Perry, Glossop and Co in 1984, specialising in repairs and restoration, and producing cutlery to traditional patterns and Chris was involved from a very early age. "Dad would always be dragging me down to the workshop," he says with a smile, "I'd help out with simpler jobs like annealing and cutting sheets and from the age of 12 or 13 that was pretty much my summer holiday".

It would have been very easy for Chris to move straight from school into the business but he wanted to explore all the possibilities of design and making. A string of qualifications including an MA from the Birmingham School of jewellery enabled him to do just that, working alongside London silversmiths Howard Fenn and Alfred Pain.

Several years later he returned to Perry Glossop and Co with a raft of new ideas and skills and his girlfriend, now wife, graphic designer Karen. "It's great to be based in Sheffield. You're surrounded by so many skills - spinners, casters, engravers and as a manufacturer that’s a big help."

Since then Chris has established himself as one of the country's leading makers and in 2004 he was invited to exhibit at the Goldsmith's Fair, the most prestigious trade exhibition in the country if not the world. Today, Goldsmith's remains a key event in the calendar. "For a week you're seeing a relentless string of potential customers and hobbyists and it is exhausting. But the sale actually accounts for 25% of our annual turnover in sales and commissions so it's something we really need to do."

For The Famous Sheffield Shop Chris has revived a few pieces that have seen better days. One trophy had apparently been run over by a car! For Paul Iseard, Chris is a real 'go to' maker and for Chris, Paul is a great front of house person for local industry. "It's good to have Paul on board," he comments, "He's proactive and enthusiastic and does a lot of the promotional legwork that the rest of us don't want to do!"

In 2013 The Famous Sheffield Shop registered its own silver marks and is gradually introducing a range of Sheffield made silver goods specially made for the retail market. Look out for the FSS hallmark on silver pendants, cufflinks and other goods.